Engine Of Misanthropy

by Rage Darkness

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“Engine Of Misanthropy clearly conveys the psychological part of the human being. The greatest desires and fears, dreams and disappointments and the power to be close to all while being alone. Psychology is as exciting as war and no less dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in the psychic of each, several times.”


released May 10, 2015

Produced by Alexandre Cegalla and Rage Darkness.
Cover art by Jean Michel.
All compositions and pre-production: Vinne
Painful Farewell guitar solo recording by Alexandre Cegalla

Symphonic instruments in Silent War, Trial Of Hate, Painful Farewell and Virus by Maiko Thomé.

Vinne: Rhythm guitars, vocals, backing vocals and drums.
Juliano Moser: Lead guitars
Caco Ramos: Bass

Special Thanks: To you!



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Rage Darkness Curitiba, Brazil

Formed in 2008, the band manages to blend uniquely nuances of the Dark, Death, Modern and even Prog Metal in their music. The group has participated in several renowned festivals in our country, shared the stage with great representatives of Brazilian Metal and had the opportunity to share the stage with the legendary Master. ... more

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Track Name: Morphine
I! Voice of revolution
Nothing can take the horror from me.
Caos! Reason for enough.
This is the order for the inner war

Science! Bridge from freedom.
The beginning for enchain yourself.
Violence! Immediate response.
For your lies, for your foolishness!!

The ending of time
The ending of life!


Nothing can take the horror from me.

Track Name: Fear Of Change
You found a way to make me understand.
Just because you made them think
Has gone away, has gone away

You have a fear of change so… I set you free.

Good bye
The time is the answer
It's too late, and now I Will…
The end this war

A change for a piece of mind

We have no time to stand and stare.
What is this life if full of care
And now again
I will go away
You found a way to make me understand
Track Name: Virus
I get to stay
For my blood! My pain!
It is death! We wait!
Your curse! My way!
You infected my mind
To scape! I try!
Your Death! By save!
My Blind Heart

The silence is dead,
My feelings are destroyed
Inside my heart,
infected my brain
In the Dark, the fear is stronger!

I like the slower poisons
And the more insane delusions
We are monsters inside a human
We are soldiers, waiting to kill you

My life
Infected by something you never saw
My brain
Destroyed by trying to think without have an answer
Do not have anything good to offer in his words
You are nothing to me
You are nothing to me
To me…

This disorder!
But I hope someday you find ...
It's stronger
And as the fog, it will disappear [2x]

Show me your face!
Show me your poison!
Show me your hate!
Track Name: Behind Your Eyes
I can’t get over

I want you, but I don’t want this fragile game

Replay all the things that I tried to say
And start it over again

I might miss everything you said to me

Don’t run away.

Tell me with your mind, body and spirit

Behind Your eyes
Track Name: Thanks For Your Hostility
The violence of the silence
Destroy your heart inside.
Prepare the way of your death
with the traces of the curse of time
We are the reason that existence
It's an embrace of deep hatred
A legion of falsehoods
Forsake your own reasons

The sickness of this world
Handles the power of science
Searching for utmost freedom
(Seeking the false immortality)
We are the reason that existence
It's an embrace of deep hatred
A legion of falsehoods
Forsake your own reasons

This is your own creation!
This is the devastation!
Track Name: Painful Farewell
This is ilusion
Is not confusion
Now I`m stoping my mind
Open, over, taken!
Realise your stupid war

Now I Know
I can Kill you now!
Open your mind
I can take, I try
Your Stupid violence,
Now incredible hatred
Close my eyes
You confuse me! I try!

No stop the hatred
Realise your stupid war!
Track Name: Trial Of Hate
I have a secret, before the story ends
Under the way I have to follow (I can see)
Without the pain, without your love
A code of honor!

But can not see your shame
Born in the flame.
Fearing battle

I am the war!
I am the pain!
Inside your heart, you are my slave!
The hate I feel, keeping the war!

One second sets
My thoughts!
This line is over,
Between the life and death
One way
I found
Deleting my heart, a trial of hate!

Of course the flames, burn my eyes
The line of pain runs in time!

The better soldiers die
And nobody's crying for him
And still raining blood
On the Field of war
Track Name: Inner Self
In my world, I’m looking for
And I’m lost in my way
With my choice, I can’t close the door.
Losing everything by anything.
Pay attention to your twisted little indiscretions
And on that path of darkness
I only ask to stay with me.

In my world, I’m looking for
New horizons on the day
With your choice, I can’t close the door.
But you will never know I can say
Then it's time to go,
Would you agree? It's plain to see , You know this, You know what I feel.
And on that path of darkness
I only ask to stay with me.
Track Name: Silent War
I see your face and now I understand
The destruction you leave here
And my heart still in a deep pain
My only salvation is the light and walk away.

And a chose a different story
Because I don't know where is the size of the world
Fooling children, who does not know the truth
Your lies it..s a poison in a heart for me.

The Sacrifice
For nothing
their tears spilled in vain
The sacrifice
I am running
To show the lost time

I see your face and now I understand
The destruction you leave here
And my heart still in a deep pain
My only salvation is the light and walk away.

Remove the drugs in their lives
Because the battle has just started

The Sacrifice
For nothing
The sacrifice
I am running

You feel "soul far away"
The danger is with my name
Do not be afraid
Not to miss again
The war created
It was because of us
Nothing I am waiting
You will not go back

When I was alone
The wounded soldier
In this silent war
The soldier
was me
Nothing more wait you!
Track Name: Engine Of Misanthropy
The many years in silence,
Searching for a reason to exist in this world
Trying to get out of the agony.
Feeding my soul as a misanthropy engine .

Life burns rapidly
Quest for absolution, is coming!
Inspiration, devotion,
No more time for this!

It seems like I always knew this,
Rediscover life while I'm breathing
Death is just illusion for love
The engine of misanthropy

Life burns, rapidly!

Voices crying out for a new world!
They don't see the error in themselves.
Extended wings, we are dying!
No more time... for this!